The Coeur family

The world-wide web offers numerous possibilities for reaching people in the most varies of ways. The Coeur Magazine, its three offshoot digital media, and its offline events create a new dimension of internet use that you can see, touch, and feel. The Coeur digital dynamics act as a catalyst for community building and socio-economic action.

Coeur Magazin

Coeur Magazin contains more than just visions of a better world, it also contains portraits of people, organizations, and projects looking back on proven track-records in innovation. As such, Coeur Magazin is not content with preserving the status quo; its content constitutes contributions of high quality journalism meant to inspire people to find new ways of thinking.

Coeur Schule und Bildung

Examining the connection between learning, society, and politics is what the e-mag Coeur Schule und Bildung is all about. It provides people with a platform that gives our education system a new and topical perspective doing justice to the times we live in.


The Coeur//Blog follows interesting personalities through their lives—because being there when it all happens is a one-of-kind experience and because we can all learn from life stories that move us.